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Property Buying Tips

Tips for Residential Projects

  • * Property pre-requisites: You need to hunt for a house that fits your taste as well as needs.

  • * Right locality: You can’t choose your relatives, but you can surely choose your neighbors! Living in the right neighborhood makes life worthwhile so always give importance to the neighboring areas and your neighbors.

  • * Basic amenities: Basic facilities of water, power and sewage should also be considered.

  • * When to invest: If at all you feel incapable of purchasing a house at a particular time, wait for the right time and then buy it.

  • * Do the needed homework: Do not settle for the first house you visit.

Tips for Commercial Projects

  • * Boom is being witnessed by the commercial property sector. Properties are being transacted at unbelievable prices.

  • * The land prices currently prevailing in IT spaces have shot up three to four times of what it was two-three years ago.

  • * Currently the country's commercial and residential real estate market is valued at about $50 billion now, and is expected to grow 25% annually.

Tips for Investment Plans

  • * Using a property specialist is a prudent way to plan your strategy.

  • * You should always make sure that your finance is flexible enough to cater for not just your current purchase but also any planned future purchases as your strategy unfolds.

Tips for Commercial Spaces

  • * Space- check if the new space can accommodate your expected growth of your business.

  • * Location- know your target customers and determine the location you chose is accessible.

  • * Parking- your employees as well as customers will need a hassle free parking area.

Tips for New Projects

  • * Find the property under market value.

  • * The work building the industry relationships necessary to tackle a sizeable project.

  • * The skills necessary to manage that project.

Tips for NRI Services

  • * Non Resident Indians (NRIs) are permitted to invest in real estate in India, without being subject to caps on the number or quantity of investments.

  • * An NRI seeking to sell the property is subject to mandatory lock-in period of three years.